Jul 18, 2023

Karen Stamper: July 14 - September 15


KAREN STAMPER is self-taught artist exploring works in multiple mediums and styles, finding inspiration in rich color, texture and movement.

Karen's artistic journey began over 20 years ago, when she first picked up a paintbrush, climbed a ladder and started her successful faux finish business in Wichita Falls, TX.

“I have a strong love for all colors, especially colors found in nature, and I love using different mediums in unexpected ways. I was fascinated by acrylic boxes early on when my babies were born, and I used them to preserve the keepsakes and memories of my heart. I love the gracefulness and beauty of butterflies, so it was a perfect fit that I now share and protect them in an artistic form.

Did you know it was Aristotle who developed the first known theory of color? He believed color was sent by God from heaven through celestial rays of light. He suggested that all colors came from white and black (lightness and darkness) and related them to the four elements – water, air, earth, and fire."

The Galleria is in the Forum building located at 2120 Speedway, Wichita Falls, TX 76308. Call for further information: 940 767-2787 ex 202 or email education@artscouncilwf.org.