Interactive Kids' Exhibit and Activities


What Is ArtZeum?

ArtZeum is a FREE annual interactive children’s arts exhibit. It includes multiple interconnected stations where kids can learn about the arts through play and hands-on activities. Each year our staff selects a new theme, allowing us to create new experiences for participants.

ArtZeum is open from June 10 – August 6, 2022.

Our theme this year was "Art HerStory: Seven Famous Women Artists"





We can schedule a guided tour for your youth, daycare or church group.  Please contact our Education Department for available dates and times!

For more information about tour availability please contact:
(940) 767-2787 (Programming)


Join us each Tuesday from 10 - 11 for ArtZeum Storytime With Nancy!  Free to the public, no registration needed.

ArtZeum is a component of both our galleries and education programming. As such, it is open free of charge to all visitors. Our goal is to continue partnership with several local arts and children’s organizations, helping to bring a wider audience to the exhibit. In 2019, over 2400 people visited ArtZeum in the 8 weeks it was open.

ArtZeum is designed from the ground-up each year to fit the annual theme. This primarily includes staff-designed components, as well as elements provided by other organizations. Each activity station is carefully composed to provide experience with different types of arts and arts thought-processes. This includes poetry and writing, visual art, and music, as well as engaging children through story-telling, reading, and movement.

This exhibit is funded solely through donation and sponsorship.

For more information about ArtZeum please contact:
Kristine Thueson
Program Coordinator
(940) 767-2787